Welcome To CAD School Of Excellence

We believe in each and every one of our students, and we strive to give you the best possible training and employment opportunities to achieve a bright future and a successful career! We have strong relationships with Textile industry which ensure relevant training and assessment and exciting work opportunities for our students.

 CSoE Key Factors 

To provide our valuable customers the Solution Provider.
The underlying philosophy of CSOE is that by liberating designers from distracting and tedious tasks, such as hand drafting, they can devote more time to the truly imaginative processes of creativity. This should lead to better design and greater efficiency
We promise to teach them to respect all Textilian as this is the definite way to build a strong working environment.
100 % efficient and valuable team members to grow along with company.

Courses We Offer

 Soft Pattern Drafting  100
Marker Making 98
AccuNest (Auto Marker Making) 100
Lay Planning 95